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Interesting Article in the Daily Mail

We have come across a very interesting article in the Daily Mail September 8th issue about an 83 year old apple tree grower who has a total of 130 different varieties of apple growing in his garden. This includes some of the rarest and most historic English varieties most of which are varieties that we ourselves grow and are available on various different rootstock options. The gentleman also has an apple tree that he has grafted a staggering 5o different varieties on! Whilst we are unable to provide multiple variety trees of that quantity due to the logistics of producing them plus the lack of demand for such a tree we do graft our own extremely popular Family Trees that are available as twins, triples, quads and even a quin. These trees are perfect for gardeners that have limited space and are unable to plant more than one tree but would like more than one variety of apple in their garden my site. The added bonus of course with Family Trees is that all the varieties on them are chosen to pollinate each other. Family Trees sell very quickly so we would advise early ordering to avoid disappointment. You can opt for some of our ready produced combinations or why not create your own unique combination and we will graft it for you with up to 5 different varieties of your choice.