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Frequently Asked Questions

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I am selecting which rootstock i want but i am not sure what the planting distances should be if i am planning to grow them as normal bush shape.

The basic rule is that whatever height your tree will eventually reach will also be your planting distance.For example; M26 will grow 8-10ft and so will need a planting distance of 8-10ft, M27 will grow 4-6ft and will need a planting distance of 4-6ft

I have received my apple trees but i can not find time to plant them until the weekend. Will they be o.k to be left in the package until then?

The trees are dormant and so as long as you open the top of the package so that the air can circulate and store in a cool place such as a shed or garage, then they can stay like this for a good week or two.

If the straw at the bottom of the package looks dry then just add a cup of water. Alternatively you can heal them in the garden or plant in a pot until their final spot is ready.It is essential that the roots are protected from the frost.

I am ready to plant my tree.Is it o.k to use garden compost or manure when planting?

No.We do not recommend the use of garden produced compost or manure for the planting of bare rooted trees.It is too acid and will burn the new white roots as they start to form. We recommed using a mix of John Innes(or similar),a good top soil and a handful of sterilised bonemeal.

I have planted my tree. Shall i prune it now?

No. Freshly dug bare rooted trees should not really be pruned in the first season of planting as it is too much stress on the plant as it tries to re-establish.

My tree has arrived with some tape on where it has been grafted.Should i remove it?

No.The tape is there to hold the fresh graft in place and it will come off in its own time.If you remove it before it is ready the graft union will come apart before it has had a chance to bond.

I seem to be getting growth at the bottom of my tree but not at the top?What should i do?

It sounds like you may of let the rootstock grow. Always remove any buds or growth below the graft line

Will an apple tree pollinate a pear tree?

No.Apple trees will only pollinate other apple trees.Pears will only pollinate with other Pears.

When is the best time to prune my Plum tree?

You should prune all stone fruit trees such as Plums,Peach, Cherries etc. in the summer.DO NOT PRUNE IN WINTER as this will encourage silverleaf. Seal all cuts with a fungicidal woodsealer.Stone fruits do not like to be pruned hard and so shapes that require hard pruning such as espalier or cordon, are best avoided.

What are Ballerina Apple Trees?

Originally referred to as ‘Pole Trees’ this range of fruit trees has been produced in conjunction with Easy Malling Research Station and the whole is called ‘Ballerina’.

The growth of Ballerina fruit trees is such that they make very short side breaks and hence no pruning is necessary.

So far six cultivars of apple tree have evolved from crossing the original sport with the latest and best type of varieties from East Malling.

Due to their compact potential, they will only reach 8 feet in height (2.4m) after five years of growth with the advantage of no pruning or staking, easy to spray and easy to pick.

Ideal for upright pillar, garden ornamentation (i.e. either side of entrances) plus a host of other applications.

Ballerina Trees are NOT the same as cordon fruit trees as some companies may lead you to believe. Cordon fruit trees will need pruning to achieve their shape.