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This Catalogue and Guide cancels and supersedes all previous issues

With the added advantage of extra special discounts for ordering early, it really is important to place your orders as soon as possible to obtain these excellent savings.

We would like to thank all our customers for their support and hope this latest catalogue and guide will also prove interesting. All your orders will receive our careful and personal attention.

The letters EMLA refer to special virus-free plant material, i.e. rootstocks and scion/grafting wood, which originates from East Malling and Long Ashton Research Stations. Our aim is to use only such material and, where available, the trees we produce from are of this origin. ‘MEDANA’ is the virus-free prefix for soft fruit material issued by N.S.D.O. and their successors in title.


M27 ApplesA good selection of M27 apple varieties now available – worth a go for those patio pots.

We have moderated the family tree selection and hopefully produced enough to satisfy all customers’  requests. To ensure delivery, please order early.

Continuing interest in home brewing is encouraging since we produced more varieties of grapes and hops. We are improving on plants and range all the time and our comments in the relevant catalogue section will help you decide the most suitable variety.

Since the hurricane and the dramatic climate changes, strong demand has continued, especially for half standard trees. We have more available this season – early ordering is advised.

Hybrid asparagus available March/April. Please note that, as asparagus is sent separately, there is extra packing/carriage charges.


Most seasons we are able to lift around mid-October and we will commence then, but only if the season is right; we will then despatch through in rotation until mid-April – weather, of course, permitting. Please open parcels with care – in particular, all parcels containing family trees and plum trees.

Planting before Christmas always gives plants a good start with longer rooting times and the warmer weather usually experienced in January. This gives more resistance to droughts in May and June.

If there are any problems when the plants arrive, please notify us and the carriers immediately and confirm in writing please. So many factors affect the future success of plants, so upon receipt give them a good soaking, plant as quickly as possible (using peat substitute [e.g. coir] and bonemeal) and stake. Please on no account use any manure in contact with the roots of newly planted trees. Well rotted compost (three years or so) is best used as a top dressing after the blue print (bonemeal and peat substitute) in the hole is applied. Don’t leave them in a bucket of water or leave them in a shed or garage until next week; there is always somewhere in the garden where they can be laid if their final position is not quite ready.

The plants’ future welfare is our concern, having produced them, but they always leave our Nursery in good condition and their continuing good health is now in your hands. However, even though we cannot be responsible for failures after they leave us, no doubt we will listen to your troubles (hopefully none) with a sympathetic ear.


GIFT VOUCHERS … Why not give a gift voucher! Just request the value required.

Cheque, credit card or switch can be used for payment.


Early ordering and reserving your special requirements are advised in the case of newly listed varieties. There are limited stocks of fans and mature five-year-old trees, due to demand. We will naturally substitute the nearest variety automatically, but it would help if you could indicate “no substitutes” or indicate your next favourites.

We genuinely rarely have to substitute varieties, as we do our best to grow adequate of all, but it does avoid time consuming letters and covers any shortfall which we may have on ‘harvesting’. So any further information which may avoid a letter and consequent delay would be appreciated on the order form. Sincere thanks.

Unforeseen circumstances do prevail sometimes and a house purchase falling through or unexpected events have need for orders to be cancelled we realise, but in such instances we have to be allowed to apply a 10% handling charge to cover admin. costs.

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